Why do you pay for referrals? Why so much? …and why for life?

We don’t have sales people. We have you. We want more referrals from you. We want your friends to send us referrals too.

We think paying you 10% for life is a great way to show our appreciation – don’t you?

We save money by not hiring sales people. We keep our costs low, our prices low and attract great techs with higher pay.

Everyone makes money or saves money. Everyone wins.

How does this work?

You refer a customer to us. We pay you 10% of what that customer spends for life. It’s that simple.

How does it Pay?

You fill out the form here. We make the call. We send a tech. We solve the problem. We mail you a check monthly and a 1099 in January.

Limits And Minimums

There are no minimums. There are no limits. There are no tricks. We want your referral.

What if I Own The Company

We are going to pay that 10% regardless – either to you or in a 10% discount on our already low, flat rates. It’s your choice.

Is there anything your techs can’t handle?

Sure. That’s why we have a lot of them and resources for them to fall back on when they hit a wall with a problem. We can handle it.

What’s the catch?

We don’t want leads. We don’t have salespeople to follow up on them. We want referrals of customers that have an immediate tech need.

I fix things

Want to work with people instead of for people. Want to get more money and more responsibility for what you know instead of corperate politics reasons.

We believe our specialists should be able to go on vacation without clients being abandoned. We believe our specialists benefit from billing, coordination, and areas outside of the specialists areas of expertise are best left to other people.

Simply put you do the work your good at and we do everything else.
Take days off when you want.
Take vacations when you want.
Your an adult in a techincal field if your good enough to work for us your good enough to manage your own time.

  • Off When you want
  • If the Client is happy Everyone is happy.
  • Less Drama
  • More family Time / or Halo.
  • Less Paper Work
  • App Based Paperless System
  • If you don't know or want to do something you can call another LogExt Tech.

Tech Payment Table

Simple and Easy to understand Payment Structure to make your life easier

All Prices add $10 an hour for nights, weekends, and holidays


$30 / Hour

Call Today


$30 / Hour

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Phone Support

$20 / Hour

Call Today

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