Need Work Done

LogExt takes the __it out of IT. Our team is comprised of multiple people to do your job in your area along with a team at the office to back them up. Nobody knows everything in todays digital world and finding a company to handle everything can be challenging. We take all the work out of finding all the right people. Our Contractors are screened and verified to have the skill set you need and if another skill set is needed we fill that need also. Dealing with all these people seperately would be a companies worst nightmare, We take care of all of it and give you one company to deal with.


Brand Identity

Our Branding Specilists can bring new customers to your door in record time.


Disaster Prevention

Can your infrastructure handle the attacks and daily use todays systems face.


Awesome Support

Our Desktop Support Specialists know how to keep your office machines running smoothly.


Software Design

Our Software Specialists can make sure you have apps, websites, internal software, email. We Cover your software needs.


Server Management

Have your Own Server. Our Server Specialists can make sure your data is there when you need it and where you need it.


Office Infrastructure

Need new Cat 5 or telephone lines run. Our Infrastructure Specialists can make sure you have all the wiring you need.

About Us

We provide reliable on-site IT services and support contracts at a fraction of the OEM cost. Your response times mean we won’t just call you, but have your part in hand with tech at your site.

We are devoted to helping our clients reduce expenditures for IT solutions, support contracts, repair contracts, and support costs to ultimately keep your downtime down and your savings up

We believe our clients should only pay for the skills they need for the job. We also believe out specialists should be able to go on vacation without clients being abandoned. We believe clients and specialists benefit from billing, coordination, and areas outside of the specialists areas of expertise are best left to non-IT personel.

With These Needs the client is paying for a Server Specialist the highest Skill Set and The Server Specialist is pulling wire making neither happy.

Our Solution is a network of specialized people handling any area of expertise needed with complete backup if more knowledge or manpower is needed. So The Server Specialist handles the server and the wire puller handles the wire pull and the client only pays for the skills needed.

Support Pricing Table

Simple and Easy to understand Pricing Structure to make your life easier

All Prices add $10 an hour for nights, weekends, and holidays


$99 / Hour

  • No Minimum
  • No Wasted Time
  • No Price Hagling
  • Superior Service
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$89 / Hour

  • 10 Hour Minimum Monthly
  • Dedicated Person
  • Easy To Follow Billing
  • Free Monthly Review Of Services
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Phone Support

$69 / Hour

  • Real Techs No Telemarketers
  • Remote Desktop into Problems
  • Can do Most things off-site
  • Extra value
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The Management Team

Our management team is made up of the top of their field and guarentee your satisfation even if they have to come out to make something right.

Michael Partain

Michael Partain

CEO & Founder

Michael has Managed three successful IT firms during his career. A Software designer by trade Michael brings years of experiance to LogExt.

Bobby Wesson

Bobby Wesson

Sales Manager / Marketing Director

Bobby is our Marketing Director and Sales Manger. He makes our company and our clients look Amazing while managing our sales staff.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Recruitment Manager

Paul is the newest member of the management team and makes sure all of our specialists have everything they need to make clients happy.

Contact Us

Contact we want to hear what you think. Questions, Comments, Complaints, even dirty limericks. We read them all.